BTS’s V Is The First Korean Celebrity To Reach A Certain Milestone On Twitter In 2020

Congratulations, V!

People should be used to BTS breaking records by now, but member V just made another one this week on Twitter!

While it might not be as huge or groundbreaking as reaching a new record one-day view count on a new music video or winning music show awards, what he managed to do just further proves that BTS has completely taken the world by storm.

What he managed to do was become the first Korean celebrity in 2020 to reach 2 million likes on a tweet!

The tweet in question from late March seems simple enough, with the husky-voiced singer just jamming to Justin Bieber‘s “Intentions” while signing photos with a face mask on.

He joins only two others — former U.S. President Barack Obama and the late NBA star Kobe Bryant — to reach this number of likes this year, making him the third celebrity and first Korean celebrity to hit it. It has also become the 13th most liked tweet of all time on Twitter!

He was also the first BTS member to have a tweet reach 1 million likes back in 2017, so V really is extremely popular among fans!