BTS’s V Proves His ‘Midas Touch’ Once Again And Sells Out A Sweater

Taehyung king.

BTS’s V has proven his power as a fashion leader once again!

On V’s live session on April 24, he interacted with fans and shared even a snippet of a song he was working on. His visuals for the live session caught many people’s attention along with his sweater. The sweater itself received so much attention online that it ended up selling out.

During his live session, V held another brief segment of his TaeTae FM radio station and shared songs recommended by fans as well as played the piano. His sweater, hair and visuals were all so visually pleasing that fans couldn’t stop talking about it.

The sweater he wore was from a brand called Sefr and cost $198.83 USD.


This isn’t the first time V has sold out an item after wearing or carrying it around. He was seen carrying a book titled The Power Of Words at the airport and it instantly became a best-seller.

This book was also released in Japan this April and was advertised as the book read by V. It gained so much popularity that the book ranked number one for the ‘Ranking Popularity’ on Amazon Japan.

He even managed to sell out a lip balm even after hiding the entire product with his hand.

All hail the ‘Midus Touch’ King!

Source: star news