BTS’s V Responded With The Best Advice To A Fan Who Is Struggling With Her Diet

She wanted to lose weight, so V stepped in.

BTS‘s V gets a lot of messages from fans asking for his suggestions and advice through Weverse, but one particular advice had ARMYs falling for him all over again!

One fan left a message asking V to help motivate herself in sticking with her diet. She wrote, “Oppa, I have a request!!💦💦 Please tell me something that’ll help motivate me on my diet!

V could have responded with his balanced meal plans, his routine work outs, and such, but he instead gave her the best advice that ever was, is, and will be!

Yeah I think it’s okay for you to gain weight~

— V

Instead of giving her tips that’ll help her stick to her diet but potentially cause stress, V told the fans that it’s better to love yourself and do what you love to do while being who you are!

I mean, that was BTS’s complete motto for the past years! Love yourself!

V proved once again that he’s above the social standards and prefers to advocate for self love!


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