BTS’s V Praises The Friendliest Restaurant Owner In Yangyang

He wants ARMY to have a meal at this wonderful restaurant.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, BTS‘s V has a recommendation for you!

One of the things fans admire most about V is his sincerity. He loves to promote the people and places he truly adores, free of charge.

On March 15, V visited Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant in Yangyang for the very first time. Before leaving, he gave the owner an autographed note that praises his friendliness.

To Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant
“Thanks to the friendliest owner at Geumkangsan King Crab Sashimi Restaurant, I had the best meal ever. I really hope this place grows even bigger, this is the first time I’ve wished that upon anywhere. Thank you so much, I’ll come back for sure. Thank you. BTS V. See you again soon!”

— V

When a fan asked V for restaurant recommendations on Weverse, V hyped Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant. He hopes that ARMYs will frequent this wonderful place that he enjoyed so much.

Fan: What would you recommend?

V: Geum Kang San King Crab Sashimi Restaurant in Yangyang. The owner is super super super nice and friendly. So I really want a lot of ARMYs to give this place a try. The owner really inspired me.