BTS’s V Reveals Sasaengs Always Sit Around Them On Flights

He spoke up about it.

During a recent live broadcast, BTS‘s V reveals sasaengs always sit either next to them or in front of them during flights. Sasaengs are known as fans of the group who stalk their idols, leading to many dubbing them as anti-fans.

He chose to speak for the whole group when mentioning it, citing that whenever they fly (whether it be long or short distance flights), people would always find out where they sit in advance.

Because of this, the members end up feeling uncomfortable. He further went to say that he wishes they didn’t do that because it scares him.

I’m speaking for all of us. We now fly private jets but we’d actually love to fly with commercial airlines. But whenever we fly, whether short or long distance, there are people who found out where we sit in advance. They would sit in front of us or right next to us, and it made us a little uncomfortable. Well, honestly, I wish they wouldn’t do it. It scares me. Really.

Fans and netizens alike are disgusted by the sasaeng fan’s behavior, saying that it must be so scary for the boys to endure. Many are calling out their company, Big Hit Entertainment, and are asking them to find out who sells their flight information and to sue them.

This is so scary. I hope they find a way to punish sasaengs.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo


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