[★TRENDING] BTS’s “Outro:Wings” Banned From Broadcasting By KBS

BTS has had a song from their comeback album “Wings: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” banned by broadcast agency KBS.

On February 8, KBS announced that after a careful judging process, one of the songs in their album did not meet the broadcasting standards. “Outro: Wings” is the song that has caused trouble in the judging process by major Korean broadcast channel: KBS.

The reason for the ban is because of the profanities contained in that song. During that song there is a part that has the following lyrics: “Saeggiya, don’t be scared.” (Original Korean Lyrics: 새까 쫄지 말어)

To international fans, the lyrics might seem harmless but the way this phrase is expressed is done in such a way that can easily be seen as a profanity. “Saeggiya” is a word used by an elder person when referring to a younger person in a profane way.

Due to the use of the profane term, KBS has deemed the song unfit for broadcast.

According to BIG Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency, the idol group was slated to perform “Outro: Wings” with their title track but due to the ban, will go ahead with just the title track for promotions.

“BTS will be promoting the album through their title track single. We have no plans on reconsidering that plan.”

– BIG Hit Entertainment

BTS will be releasing their album “Wings: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” on all major music distributors on February 13.

Source: Star News