“Bubble 2.0” Is Coming — 4 New Features Unveiled By DearU Vice President

From new chat features to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, this new update sounds more than exciting.

Bubble, the widely-loved fan messaging app known for its extensive usage by countless K-Pop idols and their diehard fans, is about to get a game-changing update. The company’s VP, Lee Hak Hee, pulled back the curtains in an exclusive reveal about the future of Bubble, promising the fan community a far more immersive, personalized, and expansive user experience with “Bubble 2.0.”

TWICE’s Nayeon | DearU Bubble

Starting with enhanced chat functionalities, Bubble is set to incorporate a slew of advanced features. Chief among them is the introduction of handwritten fonts. This unique feature will inject a personal touch into the fan-idol interaction, letting users experience the thrill of communication as if receiving a handwritten note from their favorite idols.

Paired with this, the app is also going to expand its digital offerings. The platform plans to roll out an extensive range of digital items, such as virtual stickers and emojis, allowing fans to embellish their conversations and offering a fun and dynamic messaging experience.

The company also shared its ambitions to become a ‘hub of fandom.’ To that end, Bubble is incorporating dedicated fan community spaces within the platform itself. The goal? To provide fans with an integrated platform to engage with fellow enthusiasts, sparking engaging discussions and sharing fan art or theories – all under one digital roof.

We are currently preparing ‘Bubble 2.0,’ which will maximize users’ interests and satisfaction.

— Lee Hak Hee, DearU VP

Lee revealed that the update will also see the platform serving up exclusive video content. From behind-the-scenes footage of idols preparing for their next mega-hit, candid interviews, or a glimpse of their daily lives, Bubble 2.0 will be a treasure trove of visually immersive content. This step further deepens the bond between fans and idols, ensuring that the user experience isn’t confined to text messages alone.

EXO’s Kai revealed his fresh “military-ready” buzzcut on Bubble. | DearU Bubble

Lastly, but certainly not least, Bubble plans a significant transformation – morphing from an app into a comprehensive ‘playground’ that caters to diverse fandoms. The objective is to create a multifaceted platform, rich with unique features and elements that appeal to fans of various interests, offering something fresh and exciting that “cannot be seen anywhere else.”

We will add elements that offer unique and unparalleled enjoyment, creating a playground and platform that encompasses diverse fandoms.

— Lee Hak Hee, DearU VP

aespa’s Karina is known as one of the most active idols on the platform. | DearU Bubble

This evolution will turn Bubble into a thriving hub where fans can connect, interact, and dive deeper into their shared passions. Whether you’re a K-pop enthusiast, a movie buff, a comic book fan, or just a casual user looking for a vibrant community to be part of, Bubble 2.0 aims to serve as a one-stop destination for your fandom needs.

Source: No Cut News