Business Organization Of Burning Sun And Arena Reportedly Preparing To Open New Club

Another club of its kind may be opening soon.

On March 13, Channel A reported that the business organizations of Club Burning Sun and Club Arena are planning to open a new club.

Both clubs have closed its doors since the recent scandals involving the clubs. Now, they are reportedly preparing to open a new club in the basement of a hotel located in Gangnam.


With the controversies of both clubs not yet having been resolved completely, another club of its kind may be appearing soon.


An affiliate of the Gangnam-gu Community Health Center stated that while they are keeping watch, it will be difficult to tell if they do open the club as it will most likely be registered under a different name.

We heard the rumors and are watching closely. Because the (business launch report) comes under a different person’s name, we can’t tell (who is involved).

ㅡ Gangnam-gu Community Health Center affiliate


Reports indicated that even if the business organization of Burning Sun and Arena were to be involved in the opening of a new club, there would be no way to catch them with the existing laws.

Source: Dispatch

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