Burning Sun Assault Victim Accused Of Lying, Woman Reveals Video Proof Of Sexual Harassment

The woman he claimed to have saved says he’s the one who sexually harassed her.

New turn of events occurred in the case regarding a customer from Burning Sun getting physically assaulted by the club’s CEO (Mr. Jang) and his friends.

Mr. Kim had initially claimed that he was saving a woman who was being sexually harassed by Mr. Jang. When he tried to stand between them, Mr. Jang supposedly started beating him up with his group of friends.


However, a new video footage seems to tell a different story. The woman he was supposedly saving is charging him for sexual harassment. She says that Mr. Kim is lying and that he was the one who was sexually harassing her.

In the video, the woman is seen wearing a neon green top while dancing near a man dressed in a white hoodie and black coat. The man begins poking her with a bottle, so she walks away.


But the man soon follows her. The woman explained in an interview that the man suddenly grabbed her waist from behind.

“[Mr. Kim] kept following me until he suddenly grabbed me from behind, near my waist. I was shocked so I tried to get him away from me.”

— Woman


The video later showed the man and the woman getting into an argument as she tried to get him to leave her alone.


The man in the video seemed to be wearing the same outfit that Mr. Kim was wearing that night.


The police called in Mr. Kim to further investigate the woman’s claims. After nearly 7 hours of questioning, Mr. Kim came out of the police station to deny her accusations.

“I deny the charges.”

— Mr. Kim


Watch the full video below:

Source: JTBC

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