Burning Sun CEO Reportedly Bribed The Police To Cover Up Past

Investigations are in progress.

Club Burning Sun‘s co-CEO, Lee, has reportedly offered the police a bribe in order to cover up their past history of allowing the entry of minors.

Lee, who has been participating in police investigations, has recently admitted to the fact that he gave 20 million KRW ($17,780 USD) to former policeman Kang, who was serving as a broker, in order to cover up Burning Sun’s case involving the entry of minors last year. Lee acknowledged the fact after the police showed the bank statements as proof during interrogations.

Lee claims that he gave the money but did not know that the money was transferred to the police officers. On February 25, during his first police investigation, Lee denied all accusations.


Meanwhile, it has been revealed that former policeman Kang spoke to police officers of the Gangnam Police Station on multiple occasions. The investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated that they are in the process of analyzing the call history.

We have obtained the call history for the phone used by Mr. Kang and are currently analyzing it. The numerous employees who received calls from Mr. Kang have made statements denying the request and acceptance of bribes.

ㅡ Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Investigation Team


It is understood that among those who received calls from Kang were policemen who are known to have received the 20 million KRW ($17,780 USD) and 300,000 KRW ($266 USD) to cover up investigations on Burning Sun.

The police are planning to summon Burning Sun’s Lee Moon Ho on March 4th as a suspect for investigations regarding the bribery and the relationship between the club and the police.

Source: Edaily