Burning Sun Club Allegedly Involved In Filming Snuff And Torture Videos

Witnesses report seeing women tied up.

The latest reports on the Burning Sun Scandal revealed the possibilities of sadistic sexual violence and illegal “snuff” filming happening in the VVIP lounges, or private apartments near the club, where the drugged females were exploited.

MBC Reports Horrifying Details Of What Went On Behind The Scenes At Clubs Like Burning Sun

A “snuff film” can be defined as a pornographic homicide on camera. The sexual and torturous actions filmed for such movies are not simulated, but rather actually inflicted upon the victim – making such films “real”.


Reportedly, Burning Sun hired a team of incinerators to go into these lounge apartments and clean up the crime scene after the nights were over. The same report shared text messages sent to such incinerating teams and analyzed what was being ordered.


The message reads, “Clean XXX Apartment. Anything that is direct needs to be tossed at the scene. Indirects can be tossed at the place where we’ve mentioned.” While this message, without context, can sound innocent, it is allegedly ordering the incinerating team to burn and/or destroy evidence that points to illegal drug use, sexual violence, and filming.


The report pointed out that “Anything that is direct” from the first part of the message actually means traces or items that can become direct evidences of what happened at the lounge. For example, the report explained, leftover drugs, syringes, and needles would be considered direct.


By “Tossing”, the text messages are actually ordering the incinerating team to destroy by burning. Trying to get rid of the drug use evidence at the scene is likely a preventative measure of not creating any trail that could lead possible investigations to any of the involved parties.


The second part of the text message, according to the report, is what hints at the possibility of “snuff films” being created at these lounge apartments. The “Indirects” are considered to be bloody clothing and used tissues. In other words, anything that is used during the filming and/or cleaning up could be seen as an “indirect evidence”.


The clean-up crew was asked to get rid of such items “at the place where [the Burning Sun officials] have mentioned.” The report explained that this simply points to outside Gangnam Province where the club is located. The incinerating teams would have had to take the “indirect evidence” and get rid of them somewhere far from the actual crime scenes. This portion of the message actually hints that everything, from the drugging to assaulting and filming then cleaning, had already been discussed, arranged, and set up by the club officials.


A former teammate from these incinerating teams shared with the TV program that the main task for the clean up crew was actually to get rid of the blood in the lounge. He recalled when he witnessed an unconscious woman in the lounge, bleeding, being given transfusions, all the while being filmed.


A woman was tied up and made to bleed (on purpose). In her unconscious state, it seemed like (the woman’s) face was having convulsions. They were filming this and it looked like one of them was a doctor. He stopped the bleeding and adeptly gave blood transfusions. I was like, ‘What the heck is going on…’


Kim Sang Kyo, who was the male assaulted at the club and can be considered the very person to have begun the entire exploratory investigation of the Burning Sun Scandal that followed, shared that the TV program Straight could not cover the “snuff film” portion of the report in great detail because of regulations. Instead, he hashtagged “snuff film” and “GHB”, which is the name of the substance being used at Burning Sun to drug female visitors, and hinted at what the “most shocking bit” actually is.

Caption Translation: “The most shocking bit couldn’t be aired because the show had concerns about possible imitations of such crimes, along with broadcasting regulations and penalties.”


In a following post, he shared on his Instagram a series of pictures that explain what “snuff films” are and mentioned in the caption that he believes the government officials involved are trying to stop this most controversial bit from going public and viral. In the outraged comments section, Kim Sang Kyo voiced that he is set on turning this into a bigger issue, calling it his #BurningSun_ToGoPublic_Project

Caption Translation: “If the country tries to stop the truth from being told, the citizens will do it themselves.”


While no official statements have been released from the investigating forces regarding what the TV program and Kim Sang Kyo’s Instagram posts have recently revealed, Koreans remain utterly shocked and disgusted by the possibilities shared so far. Many are disappointed by the pace of which the Burning Sun Scandal investigations continue to fold without much fruit.

Watch the full report below:

Burning Sun Scandal