Burning Sun DJs Reportedly Bleaching Hairs And Going To Saunas To Rid Traces Of Drug Use

They’re using diverse methods.

Ever since Burning Sun closed down due to reports of illegal drug use, rape, prostitution and more, employees and frequent attendees have been investigated for possible drug use.

According to the police, employees have reportedly been desperately trying to rid themselves of any potential traces of drug use. They’ve used diverse methods to try and get rid of drugs from their internal system. They’ve bleached or shaved their hair, gone to saunas to try and sweat out the evidence, and some even went to the hospital to get injected with fluids to help flush it out.

“MD (Marketing Directors) and DJs from the club are bleaching their hair, sweating at saunas, and going to the hospital to get fluid injections to launder their bodies.”

— Police

Burning Sun’s head employees, such as Seungri, have already undergone drug tests as a part of the investigation that launched after reports of illegal drug use and prostitution rings happening at the club. Seungri was cleared of any suspicions of drug use after his results came out clean.

Source: Insight

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