Burning Sun Employee Witnessed Women Get Raped While Barely Conscious In VIP Bathrooms

Women were drugged then raped in the bathrooms.

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An employee from the Burning Sun revealed some dark stories about what went on in the VIP area of the club. The employee confessed that he once witnessed a drugged woman being raped by a man in the VIP bathroom.

“A woman who appeared to be drugged was completely nude while having sex with a man.”

— Burning Sun Employee


He also brought to light an old video that was leaked onto the internet. The video showed a man raping a woman who was barely conscious. He suspects the customers drug women in the VIP rooms, then take them into the bathrooms.

This photo is a promotional image by Burning Sun and is not related to this article’s story.

“About a month ago, a video of a man and a woman having sex in the VIP bathroom at the Burning Sun club was leaked. In the video, the woman’s eyes weren’t focused and she looked sluggish.

You can’t see what they’re doing inside the rooms from the outside, so they can do drugs inside.”

— Burning Sun Employee


Apparently the use of drugs isn’t uncommon at Burning Sun. Another employee admitted to seeing customers use drugs about 2~3 times a month. One time, a man fed a woman a spiked drink. She soon started foaming in the mouth and collapsed.

This photo is a promotional image by Burning Sun and is not related to this article’s story.

“I saw customers at the main tables using drugs about 2~3 times a month.

Last October, a man gave a woman alcohol to drink. She later fell over while foaming at the mouth. She wasn’t drunk but her eyes were completely out of focus.”

— Burning Sun Employee


Despite these claims, a former manager at Burning Club denied that drugs could have been used on premises.

“It’s ridiculous to say drugs were used inside the club. If that happened, we would have already reported it.”

— Former Burning Sun Manager


The use of recreational drugs is illegal and highly enforced in Korea. The police have launched a thorough investigation about the claims of drug use, sexual and physical assault, and corruption in relations to the club.

“In regards to the suspicions about Burning Sun, we will form an investigation team with no limit on jurisdiction. Through detailed investigations, we will find out the truth to these suspicions.

We will take necessary joint investigation measures and improve the system.”

— Seoul Police Department

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Burning Sun Scandal

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