New Disturbing Footage Of “Burning Sun” Rapist Jung Joon Young Sparks Massive Backlash

“This f*cker…”

Footage of Jung Joon Young kissing women has netizens disgusted.

Jung Joon Young | Naver

On July 10, shocking footage of Jung Joon Young at a nightclub surfaced.

Actual Disturbing Footage Of “Burning Sun” Rapist Jung Joon Young Kissing Different Women Surfaces

In the footage, the convicted rapist can be seen kissing, holding, and flirting with different women.

Netizens reacted to the disturbing scenes in disgust. Many netizens felt that the disgraced singer hadn’t learned his lesson.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 11.06.55 AM

  • “This f*cker, lol. He hasn’t changed despite prison time. We should just make him an outcast.”
  • “Seriously, I think he’s ret*rded.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Wow, that’s chilling. He’s doing the same thing and hasn’t learned his lesson.”
  • “He should be in jail for 50 years.”
  • “Chilling.”
  • “Oh, that’s so pathetic.”
  • “But he really only received a 5-year sentence for gang-rape.”
  • “Like a dog who can’t quit eating s*it.”

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Source: theqoo
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