Reporter Says Bigger News About The Burning Sun Scandal Are Set To Release In The Coming Weeks

His original announcement has been true so far.

Oh Hyuk Jin, one of the first reporters to cover the Burning Sun scandal news, announced a couple of days ago that there are bigger news that’s scheduled to drop over the next couple of weeks.

“#Reporter #Club #Gangnam #SexualAssault #Drugs

“Starting from next week, a bomb will drop one at a time. It’s set to drop once every 1~2 weeks.

You need to drop the smaller news before dropping the bigger news, so we’ll be taking our time. I want to first apologize to our informants.”

— Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin


Within a few days, true to his word, news media dropped reports that Seungri’s alleged KakaoTalk chatroom shared info not only about prostitutes servicing as entertainment for investors but also secret footage and pictures of women they slept with.


As Oh Hyuk Jin’s statement about “bigger news” dropping starting from “next week” (which started today) was true, netizens fear what bigger news could the media press be gearing up to launch over the next few weeks.


On the other hand, it appears people have been offering monetary support for the reporter. However, he took to Instagram to emphasize that he will not be bought and will focus on his duties as a reporter.

“Some of my followers are offering to support me, but it makes me uncomfortable. I’m not reporting news to make money. I’ll only take your consideration.”

— Oh Hyuk Jin


As the Burning Sun scandal continues to grow, BIGBANG’s Seungri announced his retirement from K-Pop, HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Junhyung officially denied his connections to the scandal, and singer Jung Joon Young has been accused of being a part of the KakaoTalk chatroom.

Police are currently investigating into all of the connected evidence and reports regarding this case.

Burning Sun Scandal