Woman Reveals She Was Drugged, Raped, And Threatened By Thai Investor At Burning Sun

She revealed the whole story.

MBC’s Straight was able to sit down with a woman named Miss Lee, who claims to have been drugged, raped, and threatened by one of Seungri‘s business partners while partying at Burning Sun.

Miss Lee visited Burning Sun on December 15, 2018. She stated that she can usually handle 3 bottles of soju easily but completely lost consciousness after drinking 3~4 shots of whiskey given to her by Seungri’s Thai business partner, Mr. Bob.

She lost consciousness sometime after the shots and woke up to find herself on a hotel bed.

I don’t remember anything from the time I sat down at the club to when I woke up on the hotel bed. I don’t remember anything. People try to tell me what happened but I don’t remember anything.

— Miss Lee


But as soon as she woke up, Mr. Bob tried to have sex with her. When she fought back, he grabbed her neck and repeatedly slammed her head into the bed. Scared for her life, she began screaming and crying. He then told her to be quiet and relax.

He came closer and tried to do it. I fought back kicking and fighting. He grabbed my neck and kept smashing my head into the bed. I would get back up so he would repeat it. My neck kept snapping, so I thought I was going to die.

From then on I started screaming as I cried. He then told me to be quiet and kept repeating the word, ‘Relax’.

— Miss Lee


After being sexually assaulted, Mr. Bob claimed he would only let her go if she took a photo with him smiling. Scared for her life, she complied.

She later went to the police to report the sexual assault, as well as suspicions about being drugged. When Mr. Bob submitted their smiling photo as proof that it was consensual, the police released him.

Since then, I lost my consciousness two times. Over the past 28 years in my life, I’ve blacked out from drinking too much before and I can differentiate the two. But that night, I felt like I was a mental patient.

— Miss Lee


However, Miss Lee believes the whole night was connected to YG and Seungri because there was one Korean with Mr. Bob that night. The Korean man was a director from YGX, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment that’s run by Seungri.

She believes that the director provided the drugs to Mr. Bob and allowed everything to happen afterward.

When we first arrived, we were the first three there. The other people arrived and sat near the back. The YGX employee stayed in the corner all night.

Looking back, it felt like he was in charge of taking care of the people from Thailand. Somewhat of a concierge? Like that?

— Miss Lee


When the news reached Mr. Bob in Thailand, he went on the local news to deny that he had any connections to Seungri. He claimed that he didn’t know Seungri at all.


Another witness who saw them that night claims Hwang Hana, Park Yoochun’s ex-fiancée who’s confessed to using and soliciting meth, and a DJ managed by Seungri were with the group too.

MBC and Miss Lee claim the multiple connections to Seungri is too intertwined to be a coincidence.


MBC Straight also reported on a witness who claimed Yang Hyun Suk solicited prostitutes to Mr. Bob and other foreign business partners back in 2014.

Source: Yonhap News and MBC

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