Busan Citizens Park Marked The Spot BTS V Set Foot On

You can now take a photo in the exact spot!

On June 18, the Busan Citizens Park shared a map of the park and the exact location where BTS‘s V visited on their Facebook page.

Translation: “Thanks to BTS V’s photo, the Busan Citizens Park trail is becoming a new attraction.^^ Here is the route and location of V’s photo, please make great memories.”


V had previously shared a photo of himself at the park when BTS was in Busan for their fan meeting.

Translation: “Busan is nice~~”


After V shared the photos, the park was becoming more popular among fans who started calling the trail, “V Road”.


Thereafter, the park created an official photo zone with a sign that says, “Location where BTS V took photo,” it has now become a tourist attraction for fans!


V’s photo zone is located near the South Entrance and you can get there by entering through North Entrance 3 and walking down toward the South Entrance.

Source: Dispatch