Busan’s Fountain Show To BTS’s “Spring Day” Is The Most Magical Thing You’ll See

This is how Busan ARMYs celebrated BTS’s 6th anniversary!

Busan’s “Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams” is popular for its overwhelming size, being the world’s largest fountain, and for its beautifully coordinated water shows. And to celebrate BTS‘s 6th anniversary, ARMYs arranged the fountain to play “Spring Day” during the show – and the result? Magical.


The Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams does usually accept citizens’ recommendations for the music that plays for the fountain shows. Many ARMYs called the city department in charge of the fountain show and requested they play BTS tracks like “IDOL” and “Euphoria” to celebrate the anniversary. The department went with “Spring Day” and the show was a huge success.


Even though it rained on the day of the show, Busan citizens and ARMYs gathered to see the fountain. In fact, the rain added ambiance to the “Spring Day” segment of the show. With beautiful lighting and dancing water jets, the fountain left BTS fans completely mesmerized. ARMYs who immediately became enchanted by the grand sight began tweeting the fountain show for the world to enjoy!


Watch the full clip of a previous “Spring Day” water show at the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream: