Busker Busker’s Jang Bumjoon Discharged From Military Due To Injury

Malicious haters accused him of purposefully getting injured for an early discharge.

Busker Busker‘s Jang Bumjoon has reportedly been discharged from the military due to a knee injury after serving for 1 year and 5 months.


The singer enlisted in the army in May 2017 and has been serving his military duties as a reservist after receiving his basic military training.


In June 2018, however, Jang Bumjoon suffered an injury to his knee and was considered for a military discharge. He eventually underwent surgery at a private hospital for the torn ligament in his knee and continued his treatment at an armed forces hospital. He was given a military discharge after officials decided that it would be difficult for him to continue his military service.


He was originally expected to be discharged in February 2019, but as a result of the injury, his discharge was moved up approximately 5 months. He was discharged on September 10.


Netizens expressed their sympathy for the singer for having an early discharge with only 5 months remaining in his service. The Korean society tends to have a stigma against those who do not complete their military service.

  • “Military discharge when he only had a few months left…”
  • “This is too bad. We hope for your full recovery.”
  • “He must feel so terrible.”
  • “He only had a few months left…He must feel awful.”


For example, malicious haters accused Jang Bumjoon of purposely injuring himself to try and avoid his remaining military duty.

  • “Using tricks, tsk tsk.”
  • “Jang Bumjoon, I believed in you…But I’m definitely avoiding your songs from now on.”
  • “Well I guess he’s being discharged early.”
Source: Nate