Buying BTS Concert Tickets In 2020: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Here are the steps, tips, and tricks to follow.

Fans have compared trying to buy BTS tickets to World War III, and that’s only a slight exaggeration. As the world’s hottest music act, BTS has legions of buyers competing for tickets the second they go on sale.

Here’s everything you need to know to make your experience less stressful and more successful.


1. Buy tickets ONLY from Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is the official ticket-seller for BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL tour. Avoid falling for scams by only purchasing your tickets through the official Ticketmaster site or the Ticketmaster app.

Tickets are not on sale yet, but already competitor sites such as StubHub have BTS tickets listed as available. At the very earliest, BTS tickets will be available only on Ticketmaster on February 5.

Screenshot of BTS tickets currently listed on


2. Get your dates straight and register for presales


ARMY membership holders get first dibs on tickets. Registered members are not guaranteed tickets, but those who chosen to participate in this presale will be emailed an invitation by the evening of February 4. A maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per show.

Remember, if you are a member you must still register for the presale through Ticketmaster; you will not automatically be entered. Registration is open until February 2 at 10 pm ET. If you don’t have a membership, you can buy one through Weply up until February 2.

Make sure that your name and email for your membership matches the name and email for your Ticketmaster account. Only fans with matching information are eligible for the presale invite. your name and email cannot be altered after you have ordered your membership, but you can change your Ticketmaster name and email to match it.

The presale takes place on February 5 at 3 pm venue local time.

Presale #2 – VERIFIED FAN

Those who register for the General Verified Fan Presale Registration will be sent invitations for the presale by the evening of February 5. The sale takes place on February 6 at 3 pm venue local time. Buyers can purchase up to 4 tickets per show for this presale. You can register for BOTH the membership presale and the Verified Fan presale.

General Public Sale

Tickets that remain after the presales will go on sale to the general public on February 7 at 3 pm venue local time.


3. Follow Ticketmaster’s new rules

Ticketmaster rules have changed since BTS’s last world tour. To avoid running into problems, make sure that you:

  • Sign into Ticketmaster no later than 2:30 pm local venue time. Tickets go on sale at 3 pm. That means you must be online and ready at least 30 minutes early.
  • Use only one device and one browser. To be safe, make sure you’re logged out elsewhere. Using multiple devices or browsers “may limit your ability to shop during the presale”.
  • Sign into your Ticketmaster account before joining the waiting room is you’re using shared WiFi networks.
  • One Waiting Room per show. If you want tickets for multiple shows, you need to join the Waiting Room for each show. Use only one tab per show.


4. Make sure your access code matches your “preferred show” selection

On the presale registration page, it says the following:

Fans who have contacted Ticketmaster, however, have been told that the presale access code will only work for the date selected as your “preferred show”.

5. Scope out the seating

Seating charts for BTS’s concerts may not be available until tickets go on sale. To get an idea of where you would like to be seated, check out photos of the stadium online. You can also search the site A View From My Seat ( to see what you’ll be seeing from a specific area.


6. Call your bank

If you do not frequently make purchases similar to the purchase you will be making for tickets, there is a risk of your bank mistaking it for fraud and preventing you from checking out. Most banks will quickly call or text the phone number you have listed on file to verify that you are the one making the purchase. Once you confirm, your purchase will be allowed to go through. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to call ahead to alert them about the purchase.


7. Try not to panic

If you don’t get tickets on the first presale day, or the second one, or during general ticket sales, keep checking back. Verified resale tickets will be available through Ticketmaster up until the concert(s). Resale tickets also tend to get cheaper as the concert nears because sellers are at risk of being stuck with tickets they can’t sell.