BY9 Reportedly Debuting After X1, Agencies Respond

BY9’s debut may become a reality.

It was reported that CJ ENM will be launching BY9, a group consisting of the eliminated contestants of Produce X 101. Jellyfish Entertainment will allegedly manage the team while CJ ENM plans their debut album.

According to numerous Insiders, CJ ENM began discussing the launching of this so-called “sub team” after the final members of X1 were revealed through the live broadcast of Produce X 101 on July 19. As a result, the future of BY9 was decided on July 23 and the team will be managed by the agency of contestant Kim Mingyu.


An Insider shared the following information:

BY9’s debut has been confirmed through collaboration between CJ ENM and Jellyfish Entertainment. Representatives of both companies are planning to discuss BY9’s debut soon.

ㅡ Insider


Meanwhile, a representative of Jellyfish Entertainment has stated that they have not yet been informed regarding the management.

We have not yet been informed about the management. We will check on this.

ㅡ Jellyfish Entertainment


CJ ENM has also responded to reports and stated that the launch of BY9 has not been determined.

The launch of the sub group has not been determined.


Source: Joy News 24