BY9’s Debut Plans Have Allegedly Fallen Through

They will not be debuting together.

Several music officials have informed Sporttv News on August 14, 2019, that BY9 will not be debuting.

BY9 is a project group created by fans who wanted the nine finalists who did not make the debut line-up to debut in a group together. The group would have: TOP Media‘s Lee Jinhyuk, Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo and Ham Wonjin, C9 Entertainment‘s Keum Donghyun, Music WorksSong Yuvin, Jellyfish Entertainment‘s Kim Mingyu, iME Korea‘s Lee Sejin, and FNC Entertainment‘s Tony.

BY9 had a lot of fan support, and it was originally announced that group would be supported by CJ E&M and Jellyfish Entertainment. Fans put up subway advertisments, cafe events, and even made logos and teaser videos for the group.

It seems that the group will no be debuting, however. Reports state that discussions for the project group were concluded quickly and that many agencies have already set their course of actions for their trainees, which would make activities with BY9 difficult.

The group was made due to the Produce X 101 trainee’s popularity. It’s not that there was no discussions on the project groups, it that’s there was no serious discussion on it. Possibility of the group’s debut is long gone.

– Music Official

Source: Naver