Byul Responds To Netizens Who Criticized Haha For “Mistreating” Her During Pregnancy

She explained it all in a long message.

Byul and Haha received backlash after Byul complained about Haha’s frequent drinking habits on the latest episode of My Ugly Duckling.

Netizens criticized Haha for mistreating his wife, who is in her third trimester for their third child together.

To clarify the jokes that Byul and Haha made about his habits, Byul uploaded a long message on Instagram. She explained that she adores her husband just as much as he adores her. She explained that everything that they discussed was widely misconstrued for broadcast purposes.

She apologized to anyone who was offended by the comments that they made.

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늘 말하곤합니다. 나는 남편 흉을봐도 밤새도록 할수있고 남편 칭찬을해도 밤새도록 할수있다고. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그렇게 지극히 현실적이고 평범한 부부에요 우린^^ 투닥거릴때도 있고 알미울때도 있지만 그마저도 없다면 그건 동화책을 펼쳐야지만 볼수있는 부부의 모습일걸요. 누가뭐래도 저에게는 제일 고맙고 제일 소중한 사람이 내 #남편 이거든요^^ 직업이 직업인지라 방송이나 인터뷰를 하다보면 제가 한말. 제가 한 행동이 처음부터 끝까지 보여지는게 아니라 어떠한 단면만 보여질때가 있어서 때론 걱정하시는 분들도 계시는것같아 말씀드려요. 우리 #하동훈 씨가 술을 가끔 과하게 드시는것말곤 ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 완벽에 가까운?? 남편이자.아빠입니다ㅋ 장난끼많고 철없어보여도 (그런면도 없잖아 있습니다만ㅋㅋ) 정말 속깊고 책임감있고..따뜻한 사람이에요. 제가 같이 살아보니 그렇더라구요^^ 아이들에게도 헌신적인 최고의 아빠구요! 저 그렇게까지 속 썩으며 살고있지않답니다ㅋㅋㅋ 그러니 염려마세요오오오오오.! 방송한번 나갈때마다 저 속썩고사는줄알고 걱정을 너무들 하셔서ㅠ 푸흐흐흐ㅎㅎ . . 아. 그리고 또한가지.! . 많은 사람앞에 서는 사람은 뱉는 말한마디 한마디가 조심스럽고 신중해야함을 알기에 저도.남편도. 늘 지혜로운 사람이 되고자 노력한답니다. 때론 방송을 재미있게 하려다보면 표현이 과해질때가 있어요. 웃자고 주고받는 말들였어도 들으시는분들에따라 불편하게 들리실수 있다는 생각. 조금 더 신중하게 하며 조심하도록할게요. 혹시라도 들으시며 상처받으시는 분들이 계셨다면 너무나 죄송한마음입니다..ㅠ 진심으로 사과드립니다.. 열분.백분이 재밌어 웃으셨어도 어느 한분에겐 웃지못하고 속상하실 이야기였을수 있다고 생각하니 정말..맘이 아프네요.. .. 한참 활동하려던 찰나 덜컥 찾아온 셋째 임신소식에 저를 걱정하고 안타까워하는 주변분들과. (물론 생명은 축복이고 선물이기에 축하해주셨지만^^) 기쁘면서도 내심 늘 제게 미안해하는 남편에게 좀 더 강하고 씩씩하게 보이고 싶었나봅니다. 그래서 했던말이…ㅠ ..에고.. 이런 구구절절한 설명도 오바일지 모르지만.. 진심은 알아주셨음해서요.^^ 그저 죄송합니다.. 너그러히 이해해주시길..부탁드려요. . . 부족함 참 많은 저희인데 항상 응원해주시는분들께 감사하구요♡ 지금처럼 오순도순 이쁘게 행복하게 잘 살게요! 우리만 행복하게 잘 사는거말고 지켜봐주시는 분들께 이 행복.. 꼭 함께 나누고 전할수있는 멋진 사람들이 되도록 저희도 정말.. 더 노력하겠습니다. 지켜봐주세요^^ . . 긴글 읽어주셔서 감사합니다♡ . . #내베프 #하동훈 #누가뭐래도사랑한다 #고마워 #그래도 #술은좀줄여 #어?어? #콱마 #ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #잘살자여보오 #♡

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Read the full translation of her post below:

I always say this, but I can talk about my husband’s flaws all night and I can also praise my husband just as much too.

That’s how much of a common and realistic couple we are ^^ There are times when we argue and even dislike each other, but a married couple who never feel these emotions can only be found in a fairytale book.

No matter what others say, I’m most thankful to my husband and he’s my most treasured person^^

Due to our jobs, there are times during broadcast or interviews where all of my gestures and words aren’t fully revealed. They sometimes edit it into parts, and I think that’s why people are worried about me.

Besides the fact that he drinks a little too much sometimes, my Ha Dong Hoon is very close to the perfect?? husband and father. He may seem playful and immature (although these are also parts of him), but he has a deep sense of responsibility… and he’s a warm person. I’ve found this to be true since I live with him^^

He’s also a devoted dad to our children!

I don’t live a miserable life, so please don’t worry! Every time I go on a broadcast, people worry that he’s mistreating me hahaha

Oh and one more thing!

We know that public figures need to be very careful with each word that comes out of our mouths, so my husband and I are always trying to become gracious people.

Sometimes we say exaggerated things to make the broadcast funny. We’re only saying it to be funny, but I understand it could offensive to some people. We’ll make sure to be more careful. If anyone was offended by what we said, I want to say that we’re very sorry.. We sincerely apologize.. The fact that while tens or hundreds of people may have found it funny, it makes us sad that even one person may not have been able to laugh along as it rings sadness to them.. My heart hurts for them..

To everyone who worried for me after I announced my surprise pregnancy just when I was getting ready to return to promotions, (Of course, life is a gift and a present to be congratulated^^) I want to look at least a little bit stronger to you and my husband, who is always apologetic to me.

So the words that I’ve said.. Oh my… This whole letter may be over the top.. but I hope you understand the sincerity in what I’m trying to say ^^

I’m sorry. I ask for your understanding.. please..

Thank you to everyone who continually cheer us on, despite us lacking so much. We will continue to live happily as we are now! I will become a person who can share the happiness that I feel to other people.. We will try very hard. Please look forward to it^^

Thank you for reading my long letter♡

#MyBestFriend #HaDongHoon #NoMatterWhatOthersSayILoveYou #ThankYou #ButStill #DrinkLess #Okay? #OrElse #Hahahahahahaha #LetsLiveHappilyDarling

— Byul
Source: Tenasia