Byul Shared The Cutest Message About Her And HaHa’s New Daughter

It’s their third child and first daughter.

On July 18th, Byul shared a message on Instagram about the birth of her third child, Song Yi.

In the post, Byul shared a picture of her daughter’s footprints and captioned it with a very sweet message.

July 15th, 2019. 12:47pm. Our lovable Song Yi has been born. Thanks to all your cheers and prayers, I was able to have a safe natural childbirth. The three-day-old Song Yi is eating and sleeping well. She is as sweet as sweet can be, for now. She is doing well in the hospital’s newborn unit, she is a model newborn. I want to sincerely thank everyone who congratulated us.

– Byul

Byul finished the post by thanking fellow mothers who supported her during her pregnancy.

It was a great source of strength and comfort to receive messages from other mothers of multiple children during my pregnancy. This is the start, right? Let’s work hard together! Fighting! To all the moms who are happy to be moms.

– Byul

This is Byul and HaHa’s third child, they also have two sons.