C9 Entertainment Revealed To Have Filed Charges Against Bae Jinyoung’s Sexual Harassers

And more.

On March 3, C9 Entertainment, home to boy group CIX, revealed that they have began filing criminal charges against malicious comments.

They have reportedly already started filing cases against netizens who have attacked member Bae Jinyoung.

Hello, this is C9 Entertainment.
We have filed criminal charges against those who defame, sexually harass, and insult our artist, Bae Jinyoung.
On January 8, 2020, the Seoul Eastern District Court upheld the fine by means of a summary judgment being considered a serious case.

– C9 Entertainment

They ended by clearly stating their resolve to take immediate action against malicious comments.

We will continue to monitor malicious comments related to the CIX members and respond as harshly as possible without any leniency or settlements.

– C9 Entertainment

Check out the full statement below.

Source: Twitter