“Call It Love” Actress Lee Sung Kyung Offers The Best Way To Handle A Breakup

It’s the most realistic way to get over the heartbreak.

The leads of the new Korean drama Call It Love, actor Kim Young Kwang and actress Lee Sung Kyung, teamed up with Elle Korea magazine to give love advice. One of those topics was breakups, which the latter had the perfect advice for.

Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung. | @heybiblee/Instagram

Since all of Lee Sung Kyung’s friends are married, they’ve experienced a breakup or two along the way. So she’s mastered a few pieces of advice to help them through it.

First, Lee Sung Kyung warned her friends not to deny their instincts. She said, “Go see them if you miss them.

And if they’ve posted photos with their significant other on social media, she made them feel comfortable about not deleting them immediately.

Don’t delete the photos you took together if you can’t. How could you erase that memory at once? It would’ve been someone you loved the most and felt closer to than your family.

— Lee Sung Kyung

Rather than bottling up those feelings and running away, Lee Sung Kyung wanted everyone to face it head-on and “keep the memory until they’re ready to let go.

After all, Lee Sung Kyung assured them “time will go by” and “someone new will appear” to make them believe in romance again.

The actress confirmed that time heals all wounds, even breakups, but the important part is allowing the healing to happen.