“Call It Love” Director Suspected Co-Stars Lee Sung Kyung And Kim Young Kwang Were Dating In Real Life

“Because of the way we looked at each other…”

Lee Sung Kyung revealed that the director of Call It Love suspected she and her co-star, Kim Young Kwang, were dating.

On April 10, Lee Sung Kyung met with SPOTV News to speak about the K-Drama, Call It Love.

Kim Young Kwang (above) and Lee Sung Kyung |

During the interview, Lee Sung Kyung spoke candidly about her co-star Kim Young Kwang who she revealed she had been close with for many years. According to the actress, despite being friends, Kim Young Kwang had avoided her, in the beginning, to stay in character.

We have been friends since we were young, so the mood (between us) is playful. However, while filming, because (our characters) weren’t like that, he said he avoided me in the beginning.

— Lee Sung Kyung

The actress also stated that because the drama depicts the characters gradually falling in love, it was easier for the actors to concentrate.

Because I usually act playfully towards him when I see him, I tried to hold myself back. When oppa would avoid me, I wouldn’t follow him and tried to focus on set. Because our characters don’t have scenes that are cringey and instead are shown gradually falling in love, it was easier to focus on the situation while acting.

— Lee Sung Kyung

As for the actor’s kissing scenes, the actress revealed that due to the scenes being revealed beforehand, it wasn’t hard filming them.

The director showed us the scripts for the kiss scene early on. I was surprised to see that our scenes were stacked from the middle on, so it (the scenes) wasn’t difficult.

— Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung then revealed that due to her chemistry with Kim Young Kwang, the drama’s director had suspected the two of dating.

The director said that after editing the first two episodes, people in the editing room suspected we were dating because of the way we looked at each other, but I think he said that on purpose. I think it’s because the director only saw us as our characters. He made a great project that created those feelings, and the actors, in response, gained strength from those responses and were able to finish filming the drama well.

— Lee Sung Kyung

Call It Love tells the story of a woman who seeks out revenge but eventually falls in love with her target. Check out the drama’s trailer in the link below.


Source: spotv news