Calvin Klein’s Recent Launch Party For BLACKPINK Jennie’s Collection Receives Criticism From Angered Press

No one blames the artist, just the organizers.

Calvin Klein recently hosted a launch party for BLACKPINK Jennie‘s collection with them. The event was a huge success, with many celebrities and influencers flying in for the big day.

Jennie at the event. | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Although the event was super high profile due to the number of famous faces present, the organizers had chosen to host it at a pop-up store located in the trendy district of Seongsu-dong. The building is located on a narrow street with little ground space, so it was not the best choice for a huge crowd of reporters.

Although over 60 local press outlets gathered at the event, only 10 local outlets were given spots while the rest were taken over by foreign outlets. The event space was criticized for not being planned well with the huge crowd. Even though it was closed to the public, with that many press, celebrities, influencers, and staff, an accident was liable to happen. You can catch a glimpse of the grounds in the video below.

Most Korean outlets reported that they weren’t able to even get shots of huge names like Lee Hyori or Jennie herself. Even Jennie left the event after a mere two hours, apologizing for leaving early due to safety measures. The 60 over media outlets were actually invited to the event from Calvin Klein’s PR team itself, citing email invitations to cover the event. This led to complaints and outcry from the Korean media outlet staff who ended up returning without the photo material they needed.

The launch party was not the only one criticized by Korean media for poor planning. The Louis Vuitton pre-fall show held on the Jamsu Bridge at Hangang on April 29, 2023, was also criticized for not thinking about the potentially strong winds and a huge crowd. In fact, traffic and crowd control were even worse as it was held in public at the Hangang.


Source: theqoo