Camera captures glass bottle being thrown at EXO Lay during concert

EXO‘s Lay was almost hit by a glass bottle while on stage in Hong Kong for their EXO’RDIUM concert.

On February 18, one Twitter user uploaded a fancam of EXO performing on stage for their third tour concert EXO’RDIUM in Hong Kong for the dates February 11 and 12.

A member of the audience was caught throwing a glass bottle at the direction of Lay while EXO was still performing. Luckily, the bottle missed him by inches before it shattered all over the stage floor.

Fans were incredibly upset at the disregard by the fan who threw the bottle, while others began questioning whether it was thrown on purpose to intentionally hurt him.

Fortunately, no members were hurt and the show went on, and fans are now aware that throwing things towards the members while their artists are performing is definitely not safe.