Camila Cabello Gives Special Shoutout To Red Velvet’s Joy And BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Camila Cabello wants a collaboration to happen!

World famous singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello, has been one of the hottest artists in 2018. But even the world famous artist has recognized the talent of Red Velvet‘s Joy and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!


Red Velvet’s fan uploaded a short compilation video showing Joy’s adoration for Camila Cabello’s song, ‘Havana’.


Thanks to the fan, Camila Cabello actually saw the video and responded with a special shoutout! She praised Joy for her cute performances and suggested that they perform it together!


Joy isn’t the only fan of Camila Cabello! BLACKPINK’s fan also uploaded a video of Rosé talking about her love for Camila and her music.

“Camila Cabello I love her. I love her music.

I should definitely one day sing one of her songs. I love her songs. It’s just like everything… I think is… I would consider is good music.”

— Rosé


Camila Cabello reciprocated the love by thanking Rosé for the shoutout!


Needless to say, fans are dying for a collaboration between the artists. And who wouldn’t be all for that?!