Camila Cabello Spotted Retweeting A Tweet That Defended BLACKPINK From Bodyshaming And Hate Comments

The retweet is no longer available

BLACKPINK is currently one of the biggest international artists, thanks to their immense talent and charismatic personalities.

Unfortunately, with increasing public attention, comes the inevitable risk of being the target of hate comments.

In particular, both female artists and K-Pop idols have been particularly targeted by haters questioning their appearances and talent.

But fans were surprised when Camila Cabello, another immensely popular international artist, unexpectedly retweeted a tweet in defence of BLACKPINK on her official Twitter account.

The tweet criticised anti-fans for bodyshaming and criticising the appearances of the BLACKPINK members.

Additionally, the tweet slammed netizens for trying to attack Rosé’s singing, while making videos which unfairly and falsely represented her vocals.

Furthermore, the tweet questioned why BLINKs were being criticised for defending their idols against hate comments.

Many fans have praised Camila Cabello for supporting a fellow female artist, in spite of the negative comments that artists receive.

Many felt that having a public figure endorse this defence of BLACKPINK would bolster the notion that it is never acceptable to unfairly criticise an artist on their looks or presumptions.

Camila Cabello has previously shown to have supported BLACKPINK.

In the previous year, she fangirled over Rosé’s vocals and performance, showing that she has a tender spot for the girls.

The retweet is no longer available on Camila Cabello’s Twitter account, and the account that wrote the original tweet is currently on private.