Hidden true names of popular Korean female celebrities

Fans find the most interesting information about their favourite celebrities and have compiled a list of who they think are known to be religious. 

A recent post on an online community board had fans list down the female celebrities that are known to be religious and even provided a list of their Christian names. Among the list are Korean actress Kim Taehee (Verda), Kim Ha Neul (Cecilia), Son Yejin (Dominica) and more.

Among the lists of female artists include 2NE1’s CL, BoA (Chiara) Younha (Catherine) and Apink’s Naeun (Marcella) amongst many others. It also included famous sports personality Kim Yuna, who is also known for her Christian name, Stella.

Although the netizens respect the religion that each of the female celebrities are practicing, others commented on the surreal feeling of having to identify their favourite actress or artist through their Christian names.

Catholics usually refer to their baptism names as their “true” names.

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Images: BadaTV

Source: BadaTV