Canadian Singer Blowing Up Thanks To BTS’s RM

RM tweeted… and there were thank yous all around.

BTS‘s RM is known for his stellar music recommendations on Twitter, so when RM shared Canadian singer Bahamas‘s track “All I’ve Ever Known” the song instantly became a hit with A.R.M.Ys.

RM often recommends music through the hashtag #RMusic.


Bahamas, aka Afie Jurvanen, thanked RM for sharing, and was overwhelmed by the responses he received from A.R.M.Ys who were introduced to his music by the rapper.


He later tweeted another thank you to A.R.M.Ys and BTS_twt for the positivity and “openness and generosity to share”, while pointing out music’s ability to connect cultures.


…And fans showered him with even more love, retweeting and liking the tweet more than 30,000 times – and thanking him for the music.


A.R.M.Ys have also taken over the comments section of “All I’ve Ever Known”‘s Youtube video, which now has more than 1.8 million views (an increase of over 400,000).

  • “So mellow and calming….. thank you RM”
  • “Who’s here because of Namjoon?”
  • “I come here cause RM. Who else?”
  • “ARMYS ARE LIGHTNING QUICK OMG + this song is so good omg!!”
  • “Okay who’s here because of Namjoon???? This song is so calming”
  • “This is RM’s fault… just joking but this song is lit.”
  • “RM always recommends good music though!”
  • “Namjoon’s music taste is amazing, wow”


While some A.R.M.Ys are not surprised by the sudden popularity of Bahamas’s songs thanks to RM, it seems to be his specific tweet about the universality of music that spoke to fans.


BTS, and RM’s #RMusic, is helping to promote music around the world while transcending cultural barriers with every tweet!