Here’s Why CARATs Want SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo To Shave

He was probably hoping they would let him off the hook.

SEVENTEEN‘s 2016 song “Very Nice” is one you’ve almost definitely heard, no matter who you’re a fan of. Though the song didn’t perform spectacularly on its release, it has gone on to become the group’s most iconic song, and they often cap off their concerts with a 20-minute “endless” version of the tune.

SEVENTEEN during “Very Nice” promotions | @pledis_17/Twitter

Last week, the music video for this emblematic hit finally reached 100 million views. Congratulations, SEVENTEEN! But with this achievement came a surprising request.

That’s right. Fans of SEVENTEEN (known as CARATs) began requesting for Wonwoo to upload a video of himself shaving. Why might that be?

Well, the answer makes more sense than it seems at first glance. In October, SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Unit stated in an episode of Zip My Record with ESQUIRE Korea that Wonwoo would post a video of himself shaving when the music video (then at 94 million views) finally hit the 100 million mark.

The internet is forever, so of course CARATs held onto this promise over the past few months, lying in wait until the views hit that 100 million goal.

Of course, Wonwoo isn’t the only one being called on to shave. The group’s leader S. Coups also promised a shaving video if the music video for “Clap” reached 100 million views, a milestone it achieved over 2 months ago.

Neither of the boys has made any comment yet on the expected shaving videos, but at the very least, they’ve learned that any promise they make will not so easily be forgotten.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea