This Is What Cardi B Has To Say About Listening To BTS’s Music

She met them for the first time at the 2019 BBMAs

Cardi B and BTS are some of the most popular artists around the world right now.

At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards the two musicians met for the first time backstage.

Both artists won numerous accolades, with Cardi B winning Top Rap Female Artist and BTS winning Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artist.

BTS have been fans of Cardi B’s music, with V spotted jamming along to her performance of “Money” at BTS’s first ever attendance of The Grammys.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has previously expressed her love for the members of BTS. When Variety brought up V rocking out to her Grammys performance, Cardi B affirmed that she would love to collaborate with BTS, saying that they are so “cute” and “adorable”.

Following her first encounter with BTS at the 2019 BBMA’s, Cardi B took to Instagram Live and presented her classic unfiltered way of talking. She talked about how passionate ARMYs were at the BBMAs.

And yesterday, ah Jesus Christ, these girls were ready to risk it all for these guys, they were ready to risk it all, it’s like everybody was there, every celebrity was there and they were going bananas for [BTS]

Being amazed at how passionate BTS’s fans were, Cardi B explained that she was curious to get to know more about BTS, their music and their message.

She had nothing but praise for BTS’s talent and international stardom.

They really cute, they really cute, they could dance, I like their music

However, Cardi acknowledged that she couldn’t understand what they were saying as they primarily sing in Korean.

Despite this, Cardi stated that her and her team made the effort to translate the lyrics so that they could understand the meaning of BTS’s songs.

I like their music, I could barely understand their music, but we been translating, bopping, I like that

Furthermore, Cardi reiterates that the reason why she wants to translate the lyrics for BTS’s songs is because she feels it is important for her to understand more of the culture and experiences that BTS discuss in their songs.

I like to learn about different cultures, I like to learn about different people especially because they look at us and they support us so we gotta support them too

BTS’s discography contains many important messages and meanings and it is fantastic to see her want to appreciate their songwriting and lyrical compositions.

It’s great to see how open-minded and appreciative Cardi B is of BTS’s artistry and creative expression.

Music truly unites us all regardless of our culture, ethnicity or language.