Wangyeo of “Goblin” Talk About What Gong Yoo Is Like In Real Life

Kim Min Jae recently held an interview with Tenasia and talked about his role as the young Wang Yeo and the “senior who has everything.”

Kim Min Jae commented on his role as the young Wang Yeo, saying:

“I was happy taking on the challenge of a historical drama through Goblin. I’ve always wanted to try this kind of role. It was fun and interesting experiencing this kind of role and things I normally wouldn’t have the chance to. Speaking using the tones from the past and dressing up, I felt like an actual person from history. I think that’s the most fun about acting in historical dramas.”

Kim Min Jae

He also had nothing but kind words to say about Gong Yoo:

“At first, it was really burdensome having to act with a senior who just has everything. I had to work so hard to make sure I didn’t show any mistakes. Gong Yoo does everything well. He’s sexy and handsome but can also do cute. He’s just perfect.”

Kim Min Jae

Goblin only recently ended, but its effect is still lasting within Korea and abroad as well. Fans are already looking forward to Kim Eun Sook‘s next work.

Source: Tenasia