Cast Of “Parasite” Invited To Join The Academy Awards (Oscar) Organization

The cast and crew deserve it!

Several of the cast members and staff of the movie “Parasite” are officially members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The organization serves the purpose of awarding the Oscars at the Academy Awards each year.

Actors Choi Woo Sik, Jang Hye Jin, Jo Yeo Jeong, Lee Jung Eun, Park So Dam, the movie’s editor, costume designer, and more were welcomed to the group this year. Director Bong Joon Ho and lead actor Song Kang Ho had already joined back in 2015.

The Oscars have been long criticized for not having enough diversity in its ranks as #OscarsSoWhite even trended back in 2015. They had vowed to diversify their team and include industry professionals of different backgrounds by 2020.

As the organization continues to strive to have a more diverse representation for the industry, their Chief Executive announced that they exceeded their initial goals set for 2020 and will continue their efforts.

We take great pride in the strides we have made in exceeding our initial inclusion goals set back in 2016, but acknowledge the road ahead is a long one.

We are committed to staying the course.

— Dawn Hudson

“Parasite” made history last year as it became the first foreign-language film to win “Best Picture”, as well as an arm full of other prestigious awards. The cast and crew that worked hard to achieve such success will now be joining in to help pave the way for more diversity in the film industry.

Meanwhile, the Oscars originally scheduled for February 2021 has been pushed back to April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Reuters