Here’s How The Cast Of “Squid Game” Feels About The Show’s Biggest Plot Twist

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Squid Game has captured the world’s attention with its colorful backdrop and thrilling plot. The show takes viewers on a wild ride with many unexpected twists and turns that keep netizens up at night.

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It turns out that fans of the show aren’t the only ones obsessed with the show’s plot, specifically its biggest twist surrounding Oh Il Nam, aka “The Old Man.” When asked about Squid Game‘s most memorable characters, Heo Sung Tae and Kim Joo Ryoung had very different feelings toward the complex character.

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Heo Sung Tae (who portrayed Jang Deok Su) looked at Oh Il Nam from a more practical place. As Oh Il Nam is discovered to be behind the games, Heo Sung Tae tried to imagine himself in that position.

He joined knowing what would happen at the end,” he said to his interviewer while lost in thought. Heo Sung Tae then added, “Would I be able to do it? I often thought about that.” For him, Oh Il Nam’s most memorable qualities came from his decisions.

On the other hand, Kim Joo Ryong (who portrayed Han Mi Nyeo) remembered the character for the emotional attachment she’d formed to him before she discovered his true personality. “When I read the script,” she said, “I cried so much because of Il Nam.”

However, this initial opinion of the character changed as the show continued.

After crying so much, the ending shocked me. I felt so betrayed.

–– Kim Joo Ryong

While both these actors had vastly different reactions to the show’s biggest twist, they seem to sum up the audience’s reactions quite well.  When you found out about Oh Il Nam, who did you react like? Let us know, and to read more about Squid Game, check out the article below:

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