Here’s Why Celeb Five’s Ahn Young Mi Feels She Can’t Express Herself Fully As A Comedian In Korea

She explained why!

Celeb Five, an idol group comprised of comedians Song Eun Yi, Ahn Young Mi, Shin Bong Sun, and Kim Shin Young are going to be getting a show of their own on Netflix, titled Celeb Five: Behind The Curtain!

Celeb Five | Netflix

In a recent press conference, Celeb Five talked about the experience of getting to shoot their own show, and Kim Shin Young, in particular, talked about how they were excited to show fans the behind-the-scenes of how comedy shows are made!

When people think of a comedy show, many expect a huge stage with a big audience. But if you think outside the box, I thought, ‘We can use different places as stages for comedy.

The viewers will be able to see how they made this funny comedy show.

—Kim Shin Young

Kim Shin Young | @ksy83s/Instagram

Comedian Ahn Young Mi also talked about how this was a great opportunity for her career as a comedian, and commented on how Netflix is the perfect platform that gives her the freedom to make the R-rated jokes that she’s known for!

I thought, ‘It’s about time.’ I could finally show off my R-rated comedy that I can’t fully express in Korea. Netflix is not much about censorship; like there are far fewer limits. So I thought, ‘This is my turn to show myself.’

—Ahn Young Mi

Ahn Young Mi | @ksy83s/Instagram

Celeb Five: Behind The Curtain will stream on Netflix on Friday, April 1.

Watch the trailer for it here!

Source: The Korea Times