Celeb Five Are Looking To Take Over Summer With Their Upcoming Return

Hide your daesangs!

Celeb Five are a group of four (formerly five) comediennes who have been trying their hand at music and have been achieving great success while doing so.

Song Eun Yi, Shin Bong Sun, Ahn Young Mi, Kim Shin Young and former member Kim Young Hee debuted with their hit single I Wanna Be A Celeb in January 2018. The song, which is a parody of Yoko Oginome’s Dancing Hero (Eat You Up), became very popular in Korea.

After the departure of Kim Young Hee, the group returned as four in November with Shutter. Members Eunyi and Shin Young were instrumental in the production of this song and music video.

Well, it looks like the girls aren’t finished with their music careers yet as they have announced an August comeback in order to become the queens of the Summer. Hide your daesangs because Celeb Five is coming back!