More Celebrities And Friends Of Park Ji Sun Post Messages Following Her Passing


Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

It was previously reported that comedienne Park Ji Sun and her mother were both found dead at their home. The sudden news shocked celebrities as they mourned the loss of a fellow colleague.

More friends and celebrities have posted messages to remember and honor the impact she left on people’s lives.

Park Sung Kwang

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나의 동기이자 개그 콤비이자 늘 한세트였던 지선아 내일이면 정말 지선이와 마지막 인사하는 날이네 누구보다 널 많이 지켜봤음에도 다 알지못하고 다 느껴주지못해서 너무 미안하고 지금 이 상황이 비통하고 한없이 마음이 무너져내린다 일상 곳곳에서 또 네가 생각나겠지만, 그때마다 지금 사진 처럼 환히웃는 얼굴로 널 기억할게., 그게 네가 가장 기억되고 싶은 모습일것이고, 이렇게 환한 웃음을 가진 아이가 진짜 멋쟁이 희극인 박지선이니까. 내 이름 옆에 항상 연관검색어이던 지선아 오늘따라 네 귀하고 씩씩했던 삶이 .. 많은 사람들에게 희망이고 빛이됐던 그 말들이 정말 너무나도 그리운 날이다.. 너의 선한 영향력 정말 오래오래 기억할게.. 그곳에선 더이상 아프지말고 먹고 싶은 거 마음대로 먹고 외출도 마음껏 하고 좋아하는 강아지도 꼬옥 안고자고 나중에 ..만나서 우리 같이 또 개그하자 벌써 너무 보고싶은 지선아 어머님과 함께 편안히 쉬렴.

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My colleague and gag duo Jisun. When tomorrow comes, it will be the last day to say goodbye to you. Even though I’ve seen you all this time, I still didn’t know all of you and the fact that I couldn’t understand everything makes me sad. I am shocked and my heart is heavy. I will think of you from time to time throughout life and every time I think of you I will remember you by your  smiling face like the picture above. That is probably the image that you want to be remembered by the most. And that person with the smiling face is the one and only comedienne Park Ji Sun. I hope you aren’t in pain anymore over there and I hope you get to eat whatever you want and go out whenever you want and hug puppies when you go to sleep. When we meet again let’s do comedy together. I already miss you so much Ji Sun. I hope you rest in peace with your mother.

⁠— Park Sung Kwang

Kim Go Eun

Actress Kim Go Eun posted a photo of Park Ji Sun to honor and remember her.

Park Ha Sun

I became a fan after reading your words and I had such great time acting with you on ‘High Kick’. Seeing you up close, you were an amazing actor. I hope you rest in peace…my heart hurts because you were such a pure and great person.

⁠— Park Ha Sun

Baek Jin Hee

Warm and good…such a great person…you would always be the same even when I saw you after a long time…my heart hurts…I hope that you rest well in heaven…I will pray for you…

— Baek Jin Hee

Um Jee Won

I had an interview with her just once. Although it was just one moment, I could see what a smart, happy and warm she was. I will remember your laughter and energy.

— Um Jee Won

Yoon Jong Shin

Ji Sun-ah. Although it wasn’t long, thank you for the moments and conversations we had together. I hope you rest in peace. Goodbye.

— Yoon Jong Shin

Jang Sung Kyu

Although I have never met you, I had a lot of great moments as a viewer. I’ve heard from many people what a great person you were. My heart hurt after hearing the news. May Park Ji Sun and her mother rest in peace.

— Jang Sung Kyu

Park Seul Gi

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우리 따로 만나 오랜시간 서로의 이야기 나눈 적은 없지만 전 그냥 언니가 좋았고 시사회나 촬영때문에 영화관에서 가끔 만나는 언니랑 짧지만 주고 받는 대화가 참 즐거웠어요. 언니의 멋진모습 닮고 싶어 영상도 많이 찾아봤는데… 언니 덕분에 도움 많이 받고 있다고 감사인사 전해야지, 언젠가는… 했는데… 제가 인사가 너무 늦었나봐요. 언니 고맙고 감사했어요. 많은 분들이 언니를 보고 웃으셨던 만큼 저역시 언니 덕분에 정말 행복했습니다. 고민, 걱정, 아픔없는 곳에서 부디 행복하시길 기도할게요. 언니도 언니어머님도 편히 쉬시길, 명복을 빕니다🙏

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Although we’ve never met separately and had any long conversations together, I’ve always liked you and those times that I met you at events or recordings, I always had a great time having short conversations with you. I wanted to be like you and watched a lot of your videos and have received a lot of help from them. I’ve always wanted to say thank you to you..and now it seems like I am too late. Unni thank you so much. Just like how many people have laughed because of you, I too was also really happy. I pray that you will have no pain, worries, or dilemmas where you are. Rest in peace unni and your mother.

— Park Seul Gi

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

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Ji Sun unni was such a warm and cool person…I still can’t believe that even though I go to see you and return from seeing you I will never be able to see you again. I am so sad that I will never know just how much pain you were in. I pray that you will have no pain where you are now. I will forever remember our comedienne Park Ji Sun, who was always genuine and did her best in everything she did…

⁠— Seohyun

The police have updated that they discovered a suicide note that they speculate was written by her mother. The contents of the note will not be revealed to the public.

Although the police are continuing their investigations, the possibility of foul play is low. It was further reported that Park Ji Sun lived with her mother in Seoul, while her father continued to live in their original hometown in the countryside.