Celebrities Are Hunted And “Blacklisted” For Attending BLACKPINK’s World Tour Concert

“How can a Chinese actress go to a Korean girl group concert?”

BLACKPINK is on their world tour and there were some celebrity BLINKs who were criticized for attending the concert. Chinese netizens went on a “hunt” searching for “celebrities who attended BLACKPINK’s concerts,” spreading blacklists and declaring boycotts against them.

BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” Asia dates | YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK’s world tour, Born Pink, was held in Macau for two days on May 20 and 21. Notable celebrities attended the concert including Chinese actress Angelababy (also known as Angela Yeung Wing), who is well-known for being a fan of BLACKPINK.

Angelababy and friends with BLACKPINK members | @mikocokiki/Instagram

She showed her BLINK status by attending BLACKPINK’s performance in Hong Kong in January and attending the recent one in Macau.

Angela and friends | @mikocokiki/Instagram

With the ongoing political situation between China and Korea, Chinese netizens criticized the actress for attending a Korean artist’s concert. Both times she attended the concerts, she was criticized as a “traitor” as netizens commented, “How can a Chinese actress go to a Korean girl group concert?

| Weibo

In addition, former Cosmic Girls/WJSN member Cheng Xiao was criticized repeatedly for being seen visiting BLACKPINK’s concert—she gained more attention for attending the concert in a wheelchair.

| @chengxiao_0715/Instagram

Her attending a BLACKPINK with a broken leg was a trending topic on Weibo, and many had negative viewpoints; they were displeased to see that she went to see the Korean girl group perform despite being physically uncomfortable.

Another celebrity to join the “blacklist” by attending the BLACKPINK concert was Taiwanese television host, actress, and singer, Dee Hsu (also known as Xiǎo S). She also has a sister named Barbie Hsu, who is married to the Korean singer DJ Koo.

| @elephantdee/Instagram

Since 2016, Korean artists were banned from performing in China following Seoul’s decision to build a missile shield system Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). 

Source: Herald Pop and Vox