More Celebrities Involved In New Set Of Chatrooms With Hundreds Of Hidden Camera Photos and Videos

Another set of chatrooms was discovered.

SBS has revealed that a new set of chatrooms has been revealed, with more than 100 explicit photos and videos been shared in them. Participating in these chatrooms was the son of a former Samsung executive, actors “Shin” and “Han”, model “Jung”, and an ARENA club MD.

In 2016, a woman identified as “A” stumbled upon an external hard drive that belonged to her boyfriend Mr. Kim. After looking at the contents of the hard drive, she discovered that it contained sexually explicit photos and videos.

I tried to connect it to the computer and discovered that there were so many photos and videos in the Kakaotalk. I thought I should move it to a USB…

— “A”

“A” only transferred a small amount of the photos and videos to her USB device, but she was still able to transfer over 100 of them. The photos and videos were not just of “A” but of other women too. Dozens of women were filmed, and they all seemed drunk and unaware of being filmed.

There were so many people filmed it seemed like a habit. The other women probably didn’t even know they were being filmed. They were all so drunk or unconscious they couldn’t keep their bodies steady.

— “A”

“A” also says that Mr. Kim did not film alone. Mr. Kim and his friends would share these illegally filmed videos or photos in their 2 chatrooms.

If there was a girl lying naked in the bed, they would take a picture and send it.

— “A”

“A” filed a complaint against Mr. Kim in July 2018, and have secured evidence after searching his residence, and have sent the case to prosecution. The other members of the chatrooms are also under investigation for their participation in distributing illegal videos.

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