These Are The Top 3 Celebrities With The Worst Tattoos According To Netizens

Do you prefer your K-Pop stars with or without tattoos?

The results of a recent poll where netizens voted on “The Celebrity Whose Tattoo You Don’t Want To See And Would Like To Erase” have been revealed.

According to news reports, the poll was conducted on a popular online community, and a total of 23,119 netizens have voted in the poll thus far.

In third place with 3,193 votes is Park Jae Bum. The rapper has previously stated that he liked to use tattoos as another outlet of expression.

In second place with 3,198 votes is Baek Yerin. Fans of the singer are undoubtedly familiar with her tattoos. Many of Baek Yerin’s tattoos are of flowers, but she also boasts a dragon prominently on her arm.

And in first place, with a decisive 3,988 votes, is former After School member and now actor Nana. The idol made headlines across the country when she recently made an appearance at a press conference with her body covered in tattoos.

There is no official word on whether the tattoos are real. With fans debating the tattoo’s authenticity, when questioned, the actor’s label evaded answering by stating that they weren’t privy to that information.

The actor recently did speak about her tattoos, but she too left fans in suspense when she stated that she hoped she would be able to answer fans’ questions regarding the tattoos soon.

These are tattoos that I have always wanted. If there is an opportunity in the future, I’d like to tell you all why I got them or why I didn’t. I’m not sure if that day will come.

— Nana

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Source: Wikitree
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