Celebrity Interviewer Liam McEwan Reveals How He Became A True ARMY And What BTS Are Really Like In Person

“They have stayed BTS.”

BTS being perhaps the biggest music act in the world means having to perform a lot and do interviews often, and it can be tiring. Not every single interview is great, either from interviewers eating raw sticks of butter in front of you or asking about dating rather than the music, and they just don’t pass the vibe check. There are a select few, however, that both ARMY and BTS love and one of those is Liam McEwan.

BTS with Liam McEwan on the red carpet | @liam.mcewan/Instagram

From his social media, it’s clear that Liam truly is an ARMY even in his personal life. But, recently, he has spoken on a few occasions about his relationship with BTS.

Liam McEwan surprised ARMYs by joining Twitter Spaces #BT21UNDERGROUND. He talked a little bit about BTS during his time there and let ARMYs know they are definitely “stanning the right people.”

When I first met them, they were famous, but they weren’t like megastars. Now, they’re just the biggest thing on the planet. You know, I interviewed them recently, and they haven’t changed as guys. They’re still the same humble dudes no matter how much fame, success, money, power, influence they have, they have stayed BTS, and I respect that because I get to interview some pretty cool people, and not everyone is as humble as them, so I think you guys … are stanning the right people.

— Liam McEwan

This wouldn’t be the first time that Liam has praised BTS outside of his interviews with them. Recently, when speaking with That Pop Culture Show, he was asked, “Out of all the interviews, which one do you feel connected with the most on a personal level?” Liam explained that it depends on how much time you get with the person. However, there is one he feels the most connection to, and it’s BTS.

One of the recurring ones … is BTS, the K-Pop group. I first met them in 2017… I got an email from their publicist that was saying, ‘Hey, I promise you this band’s going to be huge.’ Look at them now! …’I’d love for you to be one of the people to interview them on the red carpet,’ and I was like, ‘Well if they’re gonna be huge.’ …I went to check it out, see what they’re about, and I was like, ‘Oh, wow, these guys are doing something really, really cool here. I’d love to interview them.’

— Liam McEwan

| That Pop Culture Show/YouTube

After meeting them for the first time, they immediately connected. Now, they have had numerous interviews together, and despite now being the biggest K-Pop group, they remain the same humble guys he met back in 2017.

I clicked with those guys. There was something about our energy, and in our synergy and vibes that just, even with the language barrier, we were able to cross, you know, which is interesting because I interview people that can fully speak in the same language as I am, but we just aren’t on the same page, or they just don’t want to be there else, but those guys haven’t changed in the last however many years it’s been… When I first met them in 2017, they were famous, but they weren’t the megastars they are.

— Liam McEwan

| That Pop Culture Show/YouTube

Liam said that he naturally become a fan since he learned of BTS. Being a fan has also helped him be a better interviewer because he personally knows what fans want to know about.

It was an authentic thing for me as well becoming a fan of them because… how could I be so exposed to it and not genuinely like what they do? And because I was becoming a fan, I was like, ‘Oh, I actually know what to talk to these guys about.’ I know what the fans want to hear, what they want to talk about, what they get asked about a lot, what to kind of avoid. Also, they’re young guys, they’re around my age, so it was a cool interview, and I’m lucky I’m able to do that with them.

— Liam McEwan

BTS with Liam McEwan | @liam.mcewan/Instagram

Liam has such a great relationship with BTS that he honestly could be the eighth member of BTS! And, if you don’t believe us, take RM‘s word for it!

Check out the full interview below for more:

Source: That Pop Culture Show, @Poli_Pol1 and Image