CEO Of Famous Band’s Agency Accused Of Sexually Harassing Former Member

The accused CEO replied back to the accusations.

The CEO of a famous band’s agency was accused of sexual harassing one of the band’s former members. The former member has reportedly left the group after the alleged sexual harassment and has been receiving psychological treatments for her traumatic experience.

The former member’s boyfriend uploaded a post on a forum for musicians, explaining how his girlfriend was sexually harassed during a vulnerable state. He claimed that the former member became very busy after joining the band over a year ago. She was complaining about her busy schedule to the CEO when he began hugging her, kissing her and touching he breasts. He claimed that the CEO apologized after the former member resisted, but apparently forcefully kissed her again.

A Korean news site reached out to the CEO, who completely denied the claims.

“That’s 100% distorted facts. I heard about the post yesterday through an acquaintance. I checked its contents and it was all false. I never did any of the sexual harassment that was written on the post.”

— Accused CEO

The CEO explained that he did apologize to the former member during their talk, but it was because she decided to leave the group, not because he sexually harassed her.

“[The former member] had a difficult time during the band’s promotions. I was apologizing because it got to the point where she wanted to leave the group. I didn’t apologize because I sexually harassed her. I feel injusticed.”

— Accused CEO

The CEO plans to counter-sue the former member and her boyfriend for falsely accusing him of sexual harassment.

“I haven’t received the official complaint yet. I hope I get it soon. The former member and the boyfriend have cut off all contact. I’m so frustrated. After I check the facts, I plan on counter-suing them for defamation and innocence.”

— Accused CEO

The former member is reportedly receiving psychiatric treatment from the alleged sexual harassment. She is taking medication for physical trauma, depression, and suicidal impulse.

Source: TV Daily