The CEO of YG Foods Reveals Upcoming Girl Group BABYMONSTER Is Like 10 Jennies From BLACKPINK

Who else can’t wait for their debut?!

Everyone is curious about YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER and what they plan on bringing to the K-Pop industry. While there hasn’t been much information on the group and its members, the CEO of YG Foods recently gave some insight into the group’s talent.

In HotdogTV‘s latest YouTube video, Noh Hee Young, the CEO of YG Foods, spoke about the highly-anticipated group. According to Noh Hee Young, BABYMONSTER is so talented that she claimed, “They’re no joke.”

To convey just how amazing the group is, Noh Hee Young shared that they are like 10 of BLACKPINK’s talented rapper Jennie.

Right now, there’s a new group after BLACKPINK called BABYMONSTER that’s coming. They’re no joke, they’re like 10 Jennies.

— Noh Hee Young

Following Noh Hee Young’s words, many have theorized that the group could have 10 members since they were described as 10 Jennies. Regardless of how many members BABYMONSTER will have, everyone is looking forward to their debut.

Check out the clip below:


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