Park Han Byul’s Husband, CEO Yoo, Named As The “Key Man” Behind The Chatrooms

SBS named CEO Yoo as the “Key Man” behind the chatrooms dealing with police cohesion, bribery, prostitution ring and more.

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SBS named Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and CEO Yoo as the main culprits behind the highly controversial chatrooms. They revealed that out of the three, CEO Yoo is the one who has “friendly connections” with the police. He’s also the one who worked behind the scenes to keep all of the scandals hushed throughout the years.


CEO Yoo and Seungri had set up Yuri Holdings as Co-CEOs. Around the time, the chatrooms first began where CEO Yoo took charge in delegating tasks for preparing sexual entertainment for multiple business partners.


The chatrooms also showed that he was the one who covered up FT ISLAND Choi Jonghoon‘s DUI incident, as well as the middle man between celebrities and the police. The celebrities in the chatroom called him “boss” as they showed their respect.


When SBS reporters visited Yuri Holdings to ask about the suspicions and charges, CEO Yoo denied all of it. He claimed the “chat logs were exaggerated because of [his] younger friends’ immaturity” and that the chats “are not true“.


However, when he was call in for questioning by the police, he stated that he has been in contact with the general commander of a police unit. His new statement went against his original statement with SBS reporters.


CEO Yoo is currently being investigated for possible bribery and cohesion with the police as more and more evidence are being brought to light.

Source: SBS News

Burning Sun Scandal

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