Fans Bid Farewell To ASTRO Cha Eun Woo’s Character In K-Drama “True Beauty”

Su Ho will be missed but there’s so much more yet to come for Cha Eun Woo!

With the final episode of True Beauty having aired on February 4, fans bid farewell to Cha Eun Woo‘s character, Lee Su Ho. Using the hashtag #차은우_막방까지_고생했수호 (“Cha Eunwoo, you worked hard until the last episode“), which also works in a pun around Lee Su Ho’s name, they tweeted their bittersweet sentiments towards the ending of the K-Drama.

| @Astro_EW330/Twitter

True Beauty ran from December 9, 2020, to February 4, 2021. Fans absolutely fell in love with Lee Su Ho over the 16 episodes and are sad to let him go.

The hashtag #차은우_막방까지_고생했수호 trended in multiple countries, reaching close to 55 thousand tweets.

Although it’s always sad when a drama ends, fans know it’s far from the end of Cha Eun Woo’s acting career and are eagerly looking forward to whatever he has in store for them!

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter