Chang Ki Ha denies rumours about putting security cameras in former girlfriend’s house

Singer, Chang Ki Ha, has denied the recent rumors that he placed secret cameras in his ex-girlfriend’s house. 

On December 17th, a woman claiming to have been in a relationship with Chang Ki Ha posted on various online forums that for the last three years, she has been the victim of voyeurism due to Chang Ki Ha’s placement of secret cameras in her home.

On the said statement, it was revealed that the two first met back in August 2011 at a concert, but broke up in April 2012. After the breakup, the woman wrote that Chang Ki Ha hacked her personal computer, cloned her phone in order to stalk her daily, further sharing this information to his fellow entertainer friends.

According to the posts, Chang Ki Ha used the illegally obtained information to discover her home address, which he then had workers go to and install the cameras. It was stated that Chang Ki Ha had footage of her in every room in her house, containing personal and sensitive activities. The singer allegedly used this footage to blackmail the woman into re-establishing their romantic relationship.

However, it was due to the ongoing harassment and blackmail did the woman involved started gathering evidence and is in the middle of deliberating to report the act to the authorities.

In response to these allegations, Chang Ki Ha’s publicist released a statement saying that they were made aware of these posts online, and that because it seemed an overzealous fan had been leaving many critical and disparaging remarks, these posts were initially just overlooked as another trivial post. The publicist went on to state that the claims made in the posts were baseless and that at this time, there would be no official response to these allegations in court. If the purported victim chose to try and pursue these claims in court, then Chang Ki Ha’s publicist stated that the team would respond with in full force through proper legal channels.

Source: Aju News